• How do I know if I have a leaking pipe?
  • If you can hear a hissing noise, notice excessive water dripping from taps or toilet cisterns, or the water meter is still moving whilst all the taps are off then you may have a leaking pipe and need professional assistance.

  • My water bill seems much higher than usual. Why is that?
  • Unless you have been utilising water for specific purposes outside of your normal usage than you may have an undetected leak.

  • Is it ok to try and fix a leaking pipe myself first?
  • Detecting and repairing plumbing leakage requires specialist knowledge in order to locate the site of the leak without disrupting essential services, as well as to properly repair the pipe itself. DIY solutions may temporarily stop the leak, but also do more damage in the long term. It is illegal to fix the pipe yourself. See our Gallery of DIY repair disasters for further information.

  • What about leaks in the hot water system?
  • If you turn off the tap to the hot water system and the meter stops moving, you probably have a leak on the hot water line. If the meter continues to move, the leak will probably be on the cold water line.

  • What do I do if I suspect I have a leaking pipe?
  • In our experience, most leaks occur on the hot line. Turn the tap at the water meter off as soon as possible to minimise excess water usage bills and contact Hydrosonic for an evaluation of your problem.

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