• Is your water meter spinning when all the taps are off?
  • Has your water account suddenly gone through the roof?
  • Can you hear a hissing sound when everything is quiet?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions you may need Hydrosonic Leak Detection Service. You may have a burst water pipe. Water leaks are not always obvious and 90% of the burst pipes we repair aren't visible. Plumbers can only guess where these leaks are and may make costly mistakes in the process of finding them.

Peter Ruddle has been in the leak detection industry since 1987 and has been plumbing for even longer. You can be assured when you call Hydrosonic that you will be dealing with an experienced tradesperson and a licensed plumber. We use highly accurate electronic equipment to locate burst pipes thus eliminating the need for guesswork. Unlike some leak detection companies, Hydrosonic are licensed plumbers and can repair your broken pipes legally.

Because we are licensed we can also give our customers a form that may enable you to receive a rebate from the Water Corporation for excess water usage. Having been in the business for other twenty years, we've learnt a few tricks for minimising the damage to your home when repairing burst pipes. Sometimes leaking pipes behind ceramic tiles can be exposed from a plastered wall side to avoid breaking tiles and sometimes it can be beneficial to run a new section of water pipe. Welding is the main method of repair.

Apart from detecting and repairing burst pipes, Hydrosonic can also locate metal pipes and electrical cables. Before we start digging, we can make sure that there are no underground services that may be damaged. That's peace of mind and our 100% guarantee to you!

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