AT HYDROSONIC, We use specialised Leak Detection Equipment

  • Acoustic – listening for leaks.
  • Tracer Line/Gas - can be used with non-metallic pipes.
  • Electromagnetic Pipe Locators – to determine the location of metallic pipes.
  • Moisture Meter – measuring the moisture content in walls.
  • Thermal Imaging Camera – determines variance in temperature.

How do we locate a burst pipe?

  • We first check the water meter to determine the water loss consumption.
  • We diagnose all symptoms.
  • We identify if it’s a hot or cold leak.
  • We determine the type of pipe, such as copper, poly and PVC (This will determine what equipment to use).
  • We devise the best plan of attack.
  • We use appropriate specialised equipment.

Repairing a burst pipe

  • We communicate with the client in regards to turning the water off.
  • If it is in a multiple complex, we inform all of the tenants that will be affected.
  • We give client options when possible Eg. Redirecting the pipe, repairing the pipe from the other side of the wall to minimise damage of tiles.
  • Once the pipe is repaired, our focus is to return the site to its original state Eg. We can organise plasterers, painters etc.


It’s a legal requirement that only licensed plumbers rectify damaged water pipes. Whilst it may be tempting to try and fix plumbing problems yourself, as you think it will save you time and money, without specialist training and equipment, it may end up costing you more! Below are some very creative ways clients have attempted to repair their damaged pipes, but we recommend you don’t try these at home!

A hose pipe and clips aren't going to work!

In an attempt to stop the leak the home owner has used reinforced garden hose and hose clips. Great for the garden perhaps. For plumbing systems? No way! Suffice to say, they actually needed a registered plumber.

A nurse wouldn't be pleased with this and neither would a plumber.

This patient is not going to survive! Bandaging up a water pipe will withstand the water pressure for no longer than a few minutes and just add to extra time YOU have to pay when it becomes obvious that an experienced plumber is required.

All glued up?

A full tube of glue is not going to plug up a hole in a copper pipe (or a PVC pipe for that matter). Instead of repairing a spot hole now the entire pipe will need replacement. This may hold for a while, but lead to a false sense of security which could potentially lead to further damage and more expensive plumbing work later on.

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